Convert a project file (FL Studio/Ableton)

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The FLP/ALS converter is still a work in progress! It is not perfect and still lacking in features I would like to include. Below is a list of known limitations that will hopefully be fixed in the future.

General Info

There is a file size limit of 6mb for free users.
The converter will create an Ableton Live 9.7/10.1 or FL Studio 12.5 project file.
The "Relative Path" option will look for samples in the same folder it is in, instead of using your existing filepaths. Handy for collaboration, if you collect all the samples to one folder.
Automation is currently supported for third party plugins and the mixer volume fader.

There is currently no support for: return/send track, instrument/effect racks or Patcher. If you have a native synth (like Operator or Harmor) in your project, it will default to a Operator/3xOsc synth.
Ironically you currently can't convert from a jukeblocks/converted file, because they are minimized versions of the full project file. If you save the project at least once in the DAW, it will convert fine afterwards.


If you have audio with multiple warp markers, the converter will only use the tempo of the first warp marker. (FL doesn't have warpmarkers.)
This converter was made with Ableton 10 and 11 in mind and doesn't work converting from Live 8 or lower.


FLP's don't store the bpm of samples in the file, so if you have timestretched samples you can write "120bpm" or whatever tempo it is in the channel name.
Sample paths may not convert properly on versions of FL Studio before 20.7.2
Some of the stock/default FL samples don't work in Ableton.
Only FL Studio 12 and up is supported.


You can downgrade Ableton Live 11 files to an earlier version of Ableton like 10.1 or even 9.7.
Plugins and features that are exclusive to Ableton 11 won't be available in 10 or 9 of course. In most cases they will be skipped in the downgraded file.
Ableton 9 has more limitations, such as no VST3 plugin support or groups in groups, so only the top level groups will be kept, and all the audio/midi tracks inside will become part of that group.
Oddly, Kontakt will reset the plugin as it can detect it's being opened in an older version of Ableton and doesn't like that. This is the only plugin I found to do this but there may be others. Some parameters will also reset in Ableton 9.


March 24: Some vst2 plugins would reset like OTT and FabFilter plugins when converting. This has now been fixed!

March 20: Big update! Automation has now been added to the converter! Currently all third party plugin automation should work fine, plus automation for the volume fader. More parameters will follow soon, plus curves.
As this is a new feature I've just added support for, it's currently in "beta/early access" so you can decide not to use automation in case it breaks the conversion process. Plus still send the broken project file to me and I'll try to fix it.
Automation isn't supported converting to (or from) Live 9, just 10 and up for now.

Feb 27: Hello Mac users. AU plugins will now be able to convert between project files too. This should mean all plugins (besides native ones) should be able to be converted now! No more plugin limitation :)

Feb 25: Ableton Live 11 has been released! So far the conversions seem to work fine between Live 11 and FL Studio.
I've also added a new option to downgrade from Ableton 11 to Ableton 10 or even 9. This also adds a new menu so you can choose which version to downgrade to.
Converting between FLP and ALS works the same too, but you can now choose which Ableton version you want to generate (as Live 9 doesn't have VST3 support).

Feb 21: Awww yeahh. VST3 plugins are now supported! This is new so let me know if you find any issues with converting them.
Because VST3 plugins were not supported before 10.1, if you want to convert a project file for Live 9, you must have the "Convert VST3 plugins" unticked, (on by default). This only matters when converting to Ableton/ALS.

Feb 18: Added some gradients to the tracks and clips now. No more only yellow.

Feb 3: Proud to announce the fader conversion is perfect now! Happy converting :)

Feb 2: Improved volume fader conversion greatly. Not 100% perfect on low volumes, but near perfect for everything else.
Made a custom message for Ableton 8 (or earlier) project files, as they aren't supported and would error.